Thursday, 24 November 2011

The Squirrel, Fuzzy,Maggie and Me

  The other day Fuzzy,me and Maggie were down hanging a brand new straight gate,no cussing no yellin went real smooth. Now around our place this scary very scary cause you know something is going to happen when things go so smooth its just not natural.
    Forgot to mention that Maggie is our new pup got her this spring,and trying to train her has been something else, or maybe she is training us but there is sometimes a bit of a battle of wills. Anyhow back to the story about the squirrel. Got the gate hung, and heading back up to the house,when Miss Maggie spotted the squirrel. Well she sent that poor little squirrel up the hydro pole so fast you would have thought it was a rocket. Fuzzy hollers keep the squirrel up there as he heads to the shop to get the air pistol, now I'm not sure who he was giving the order to but Mag and I both stood on duty and kept that squirrel up the post. Now Fuzzy hasn't had this pistol long and he doesn't use it much at all,not that I am making excuses for him but what a gong show.Mag and me have the squirrel right where he wants him and he shoots and we watch and he misses, fires again,missed by that much,fires again squirrel has had enough and makes a flying leap for the nearby feed bin lands on the roof. Mag goes round the back of the bin barking for all she's worth,Fuzzy goes into the bin and is hollering can you see it did it go under the lid. All I can think is please God don't let him shoot that thing in the bin, did I mention the bin is metal and round. Now Mr. Squirrel has more moves than a chicken full of ex lax, and as I'm standing on look out the little bugger came flying out of the bin and darn near landed on my head which caused me to let out a bit of a scream,Fuzzy bolts out of the bin,Mag comes running and the squirrel is headed for the loading chute with the other two in hot pursuit, me I'm just trying to keep a straight face as I'm thinking should have a video camera for America's funniest home videos.Fuzzy is hollerin "get around the other side see if you can see him" so being the good wife I am I do as I was asked and can see the little varmint coming through on of the pipes on top of the chute,telling the man what I see and trying to get out of the line of fire as little worried about his accuracy, cause what does he do, he shots again and misses. The squirrel comes out the pipe a little worse for wear and up another pole, Fuzzy shoots and this time stuns the little guy, he slides down the pole right to a very excited Maggie, well now that pup thought she hit pay dirt,wow a new play toy. For good while that squirrel was tossed around, shook, mulled to the point I think it died in self defense.
   With the excitement over and one less squirrel to cause damage around here, headed to the house to make lunch thinking I have got something to share with my friends, I hear Fuzzy say "darn I'm out of pellets" now I really had to get to the house or at least out of earshot cause I was ready to split a gut laughing all over again.My loving man needs some target practice.
This is our Miss Maggie May, she is an Australian Sheperd

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  1. Hahahahaha! I can see the whole whole thing. Hilarious!
    Maggie's so pretty!