Sunday, 22 April 2012

Life is Returning to Normal a Little Bit at a Time!

       Good morning, hope all is well out there in blogger land. Calving has pretty well come to a stand still,one or two every couple of days, but not the way it was a couple of weeks ago. I was working on the cattle books yesterday and realised that the bulls had done a fairly good job last year as we had ninety one calves in a month. Not bad, boys!
       I am starting to feel human again,and able to interact with other human beings with out putting both my feet in my mouth at the same time, or just having incredible crap come out of my mouth unless I was on guard all the time.( well I guess there is still some of that going on). Amazing what a full night's sleep does for a person.
     I have been trying to read everybody's posts just to keep up with what is happening, but have not left many comments as brain was not functioning that well, enjoyed seeing the pictures from Julia's retreat, beautiful work and really fascinating wish I was closer,looks like it would be fun. Knit wit's projects are inspiring also, great work girls. Thank you to all the bloggers I read, really brightens my days and are inspirational. Thank you for all the comments, and the thoughts on the chairs, have decided to leave them as they are for now, just a good cleaning and oiling and they look pretty good. Thank you Nezzy for the birthday wishes for Mom, we had a really nice time and some good laughs remembering old times and such. While I was up there I discovered an new favourite store, Mom was telling me about it before I went up, so we went and had a visit. My wallet was a little lighter when we came out, but was it ever cool, fabric, yarn,patterns,new ideas and just an all around wonderful place, can't wait to visit again.
 Well I guess I had better get back to work,as Fuzzy will be back shortly to move cows and calves, no church today,so I guess my prayers and worship will be with the cows and the great outdoors, they don't get its Sunday. Take Care and God Bless, hope to get back to posting on a regular basis now.

My new herd marker!


  1. Wow, 90 calves in one month. Do you have to bottle feed them like we do or does the mama feeds them in the field.

    We breed our dairy cows year round and I thought that I had lots of calves when we got 15 in only a couple of weeks. They all get the bottle until they are transitioned to the pails. Holding those heavy bottles grows muscles. hehe.

    All my calves have been moved to the big pens but I still have three babies on the pails. I'm expecting 2 more at the end of the month. JB

    1. Hi Julia, No our calves stay with mama and she feeds them, once in a while we have to give them colostrum to get going but momma looks after them.I do imagine holding those bottles grows muscles as I have held a few in my day.hehe but got to love our cattle,dairy like you or beef like us. Thank you for your comment,

  2. Don't ya just love the babies? Sweet!

    I'm so glad your feelin' better sweetie. We had a round up last week...worked 76 feeders and had a few sore muscles myself. Helpin' my niece and her clueless hubs load a movin' van the day before didn't help! Heeehehehehe!!!

    If ya farm....ya don't need no stinkin' gym! :o)

    God bless and have a super great week sweetie!!!

  3. 'Just droppin' in to say...HAPPY MAY DAY!!!

    God bless ya sweetie! :o)

  4. Those little calves are so cute! Thanks for the shout-out. I'm not doing so well on my commenting either. Trying to get back up to speed here!
    Have a great Mother's Day!! Hope your girls spoil you!