Friday, 25 May 2012

Thank You for My Life-To My Mom!

Today, I thank my mom for giving me life and love.
  Fifty - One years ago this special lady gave birth to a bouncing ten lbs,3oz. baby girl, who the doctor and others thought was a boy or a set of twins, no it was just plain old me. This is why my name was shortened  Bob as I have a sister who was eight when I arrived so they referred to me as Bobbi instead of baby before I made my grand entrance, it stuck like glue.So I have been told mom had quite the time and if I had been a block head instead of a pin head there was a possibility neither of us would be here, so thank goodness for small heads it is easier to find hats any way.
   I have also been told for the longest time all I did was sleep, eat, pee and poop, then about six months later I gave them all a run for their money,more moves than a chicken full of ex lax.
   Mom taught me so many things and loved me enough to straighten me out when I needed it,( I still get a little worried when she takes off a shoe) ha ha, did not happen often but you never made the same mistake twice. Always after you where given a hug and told you were better than that. She taught my sister and I to be proud of who we were and to carry ourselves like we were somebody, still not sure who that somebody was, but I can tell you this our cloths hung much nicer when we remembered.
  We always grew a large garden and froze and canned a lot of vegetables,she even had a special way to get the peas shelled faster, we were told who ever got to the bottom of the wash tub full first could ride our bike to the corner store for treats for the rest. We thought this was cool so the race was on, was not till many years later that I realised how she played our competitive nature, and I called her on it and she just sat there and laughed thought it was the best joke because we never caught on until later when we grew up.
   She went back to teach when I went to school, and taught for a lot of years, but my sister and I both knew that if we needed a new outfit or dress that as long as we did our chores around the house and asked by Wednesday , she would make it for us, we might be going out the door with her tying off a thread but it would be done and beautifully so.
 She taught us to see things in the clouds, a piece of drift wood, how to make a canoe out of a pea shell,she'd let you fill your pockets full of stones and tell they where really neat.She taught 4-H for many years and has had the patience of Job.
   She is my best friend and I love her with all my heart she has seen me through scraped knees to child birth,to becoming a Granny . My Mom a lot of times never had to say much but led by example. Anything is possible if you are willing to work at it and towards it. Thanks Mom,I am still working at it. I love and thank you ! x0x0x0 God Bless May 25th 2012.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Granny Bob. Your mom sounds like quite a wonderful lady and I'm sure that you are too. JB

  2. Hi Granny Bob, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I haven't read a post from you in a while. I hope that all is well with you.