Friday, 25 January 2013

Happy Burns Day

   January 25th Robbie Burns Day, the birthday of the poet Robert Burns. Born in 1759, he was of humble origins and wrote of life in a way that all could relate,some would say a brilliant man.
    Thanks to him we have the Burns night with the supper and festivities, which usually starts with Selkirk Grace written by Robert Burns- Some hae meat canna eat
                         And some wad eat that want it.
                          But we hae meat and we can eat.
                         Sae tat the Lord be thankit.
 The menu maybe a soup ( cock-a-leekie soup) or Scotch broth
                                  Tatties and neeps
                                  some have been known to follow up with a wee dram.
Now in our house cannot get Fuzzy to even consider Haggis so we will be having bridies,tatties and neeps.Not quite sure what we'll have for a pudding yet but I'll figure it out soon.Now to finish this fine meal Fuzzy may have a wee dram but I think I canna do ( hate scotch)!
  Well Robbie Burns is not the only thing to celebrate today but it is finally warming up it is only minus 22 and no wind Thanks Be to God! We started out the week with minus 30 with a wind chill factor of -42, no school buses ran and chores got done quick as possible. Well I have got to go to town for Fuzzy and check on the neighbour's pets so I will sign out. Hope this finds you healthy and happy. Enjoy your weekend and remember SMILE

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  1. Hi Granny Bob, Thanks for the history on Robbie Burns. We don't celebrate it but my daughter and her husband have a big Robbie Burns celebration every year with haggis, taters and neeps and even the Scotch Whisky. They have an annual party with their friends. I love the haggis. I've only eaten once and it was the canned type that my daughter brought back from Scotland.
    I would say that bridies are a good substitute for the haggis.

    Enjoy your Robbie Burns celebration.