Thursday, 7 February 2013

Remembering Paul Harvey On The Radio

     The last two days I have been taken back to when my girls were both home and things were at times quite noisy. How you ask, well Dodge trucks are supporting the farmers with a Paul Harvey dedication to the farmer. Quite moving not just the words or the pictures, but the way Paul Harvey always tells a story with his distinctive voice,really makes it hit home.
     For years our local am radio station shared Paul's The rest of the story about 11:45 a.m. weekdays and everyone knew that whether you where in the truck or in the house the radio was turned up and mouths were to be closed until he was done, then you could discuss what he had to say or share whatever else was important to you at the time.The markets came on a little later so once again it was time to be very quiet. For years our girls would shush there friends or anyone who did not know the rule as they knew if it was broken  there would be some not happy parents. It got to be quite funny as time went on and they became pretty much as interested as Mom and Dad and did not even like any disturbance.Sure do miss those days,but life moves on and things change, but once in awhile something will bring them back and they seem even more sweet!
     So if you have a chance listen to Paul Harvey's Farmer, and thank you Dodge Trucks for the memories and the salute to the Farmer! I am proud to be a farmer and I'm proud to be married to one!
       I am going to try and share it with you but I am not sure if I can, here goes.


  1. That was a great tribute to farmers and I can appreciate it as we are Dairy farmers too. Thanks for posting the commercial on your blog.

  2. You got it posted! I love this--it is indeed a great tribute!