Friday, 25 January 2013

Happy Burns Day

   January 25th Robbie Burns Day, the birthday of the poet Robert Burns. Born in 1759, he was of humble origins and wrote of life in a way that all could relate,some would say a brilliant man.
    Thanks to him we have the Burns night with the supper and festivities, which usually starts with Selkirk Grace written by Robert Burns- Some hae meat canna eat
                         And some wad eat that want it.
                          But we hae meat and we can eat.
                         Sae tat the Lord be thankit.
 The menu maybe a soup ( cock-a-leekie soup) or Scotch broth
                                  Tatties and neeps
                                  some have been known to follow up with a wee dram.
Now in our house cannot get Fuzzy to even consider Haggis so we will be having bridies,tatties and neeps.Not quite sure what we'll have for a pudding yet but I'll figure it out soon.Now to finish this fine meal Fuzzy may have a wee dram but I think I canna do ( hate scotch)!
  Well Robbie Burns is not the only thing to celebrate today but it is finally warming up it is only minus 22 and no wind Thanks Be to God! We started out the week with minus 30 with a wind chill factor of -42, no school buses ran and chores got done quick as possible. Well I have got to go to town for Fuzzy and check on the neighbour's pets so I will sign out. Hope this finds you healthy and happy. Enjoy your weekend and remember SMILE

Friday, 11 January 2013

January 2013! I'm Back

Good morning world! I have been on a real dry spell or funk could not seem to be able to sit down and compose anything since may,I tried a few times but could not do it. I am not one for new year's resolutions,cannot seem to keep them so I am just going to make a list everyday and get as much done on it as possible.
I have been trying to keep up with reading everybodies posts,made a few comments but not many.2013 I will be trying harder to keep up to everybody and get some posts  up myself. I have been reading Clean and Scentsible and have been inspired to get my house back to being organised, she has some great ideas, some I already knew and just needed to be reminded of and some fresh ones. I have been cleaning kitchen cabinets this week and purging, have a box started for a garage sale or charity and the cupboards look really pretty good, hope they stay that way.If you want some inspiration pay her a visit.
 I have also fallen madly in love recently,and spending as much time with my new love as possible. I feel so much better about life when I get home from our time together.We cannot bring her home until the cattle go to pasture as we need another pen and barn or stable for her and her sister who belongs to our granddaughter.Yes,I have got a new horse! Spending the time with THE GRANDDAUGHTER taking her to 4-H,riding lessons,and just spending time with the horses I caught the bug once again,and decided I was going to get back into it and bought Chilli! Oh how I missed it, she makes me feel like a kid again.(Fuzzy tells me to remember that I'm not,so don't do stupid)
I have been knitting and crocheting,found some neat patterns so have been giving them a go.Doing a bit of work with some old barbed wire creating Christmas trees, which if I don't say so myself are pretty cute.One person who was leaving right after Christmas used it for her main Christmas decoration.
 Doing chores,I have been trying to pick out a few heifers to halter break in case someone decides to do some showing this year,and it never hurts if they know what a halter is.Everyone around here is pretty tight with hay because of the drought this past summer so hoping for an early spring.
Speaking of cattle had a good read when I stopped by to visit Julia at Of Petals and Wool.Love her stories of her Grandchildren and the cattle,her crafts,and just life,if you get a chance stop in and have a look it will be worth your time.
And to my neighbour and dear friend Knitwit, of 2 kids 2 dogs 2cars 2 tired, love it keep it coming makes my day you are an inspiration!
Well its time to go and get some work done, hope life is good and keep smiling! Take care and God bless!