Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Being Teased By Winter or Reminded She's on Her Way

Last week took some fall colour pictures, it was a beautiful day.Sunday morning we were greeted with a wake up call,SNOW, the ground was white with the stuff,kind of pretty but not really as we are not ready for winter. Yes I know that dear mother nature does not wait when she is ready to come she is a coming. Fuzzy's plans were to start getting all the pastures together this week so we could start weaning the calves It has been too warm yet to wean,we have found they do better if it is a little colder.. We started on Sunday moving the two west pastures together for the drive to the Dunn yard on Monday,they seem to move better if they have one day together.It went well after someone quit yelling orders into the wind which someone else could not hear and made a mistake of going the way it was first discussed,but the plan had been changed apparently.God bless all cattlemen who choose to work with their wives and children,as sometimes we could string them up(the cattleman that is).
 Monday we made the big drive with the help of our oldest, all the way I kept thinking this going really smooth, but kept it to myself till we got to our destination just in case. Got home and started pulling down the round pen,a little sad but its okay as I am getting a small barn for the horses,with a pen behind to work them,yeah! Some of our friends keep telling me its going to be a calving barn,but we will just see who wins out.Suppose to be starting on getting it built this weekend,I'll try and get some pictures of the progress;I am getting excited.
 Tuesday found us moving more cattle to the other place,by the time we got done was getting cold as it was damp and dreary but the snow was all but gone. Came home thinking homemade soup and an afternoon of baking, by 5 o'clock the house smelled  amazing, butter tarts and butter pecan cupcakes,gave the Fuzzy a taste and the rest hit the freezer.Just in time to do the chores and make supper.
I have decided to take a break from facebook for awhile, not sure if its a good idea or not but I want to give it a try see how it goes,will I miss everyone or will I make more of a concerted effort to visit with my friends in person. Sometimes think we are getting away from visiting and being part of a community to much,we think we don't have time, I'll  just check up on them on facebook or email them, need some face to face time me thinks. I let you know how it goes, my little experiment.
Take care and God Bless!
the snow was all gone,but its coming down again

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Beauty In October

So lucky! October crisp clear morning,the sun is shining, a gentle breeze flutters through the trees.Trees with their many colours,truest form of beauty,nature.
 After chores,just a few things that caught my eye before the camera's batteries died thought I would share.Hope they brighten your day as they did mine.

 Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Back in the Saddle!

 Hi all , yes I'm back in the saddle again,literally and figuratively also. I have not been blogging for awhile(understatement of the year). So here I am back at it,but best of all I'm working horses again after a long dry spell, and darn it feels so good.
 It has been quite the life around here since we last visited,got the cows all calved out and my mare foaled a sweet little stud colt on the 5th of May,here is his first picture that day. I might get in trouble for this but darn he is almost better than the grandchildren for making me smile. I am getting him weaned off momma now and it all seems to be going well as he gets lots of attention from other sources. Proud to say he leads and backs up,sets his feet quite well.He gives his feet when asked and is the dog's best friend.Rope and Maggie have great fun together,running and playing. Oh and the reason his name is Rope is when he was real young he could turn himself inside out like a rope.
It has been a good summer with rain coming when needed and the coyotes did not get any calves this year, thanks be too God! Good hay crop and grain crops were pretty good considering how late seeding was this year,we had winter far to long,the guys did not get on the land until May,unlike other years where it has been April.But life is good!My 86year old mother came down again this year for the summer and enjoyed the yard,cattle,horses,dog and great grandchildren maybe not that order but something like that. Between checking pastures,haying,custom BBQ,grand kids,gardening,I got to a few horse events around here to help out,loved seeing the kids with their big smiles and big 4legged friends having so much fun.
 August 4th our youngest and her boyfriend announced their engagement, which brought on a celebration. So very happy for them, the wedding is to take place here at the farm next August.yikes!!!( I will be ready and everything will be just fine and its not about my yard or the things that don't get done,its about the love of two wonderful young people and marriage of these two, does not matter if things in the yard are not perfect.) my mantra till the wedding.Ha ha ha!
September 1, a special young woman and her three daughters,another neighbour and me went on an 8 mile ride had lunch and rode back to where we started.This ride was in memory of Erin's dad who had passed away on the first a few years back and to my Dad who passed away the same day 8years ago. Both these men had loved and worked with a lot of horses so our way to salute them.Was a great day as I learnt I do still bounce when I come off a horse at 52(,told ya Fuzzy I would).
 Well I guess I've drawled on to long already,so I be going got a couple of horses that need some work and the washing is finally done so I'm headed out.Take care and God Bless!!!!