Thursday, 28 July 2011

Time Flies Things Change Fast Life Is Good!

Wow, if anyone would have told me a month and a half ago that things would be so dry that the ground would be cracking now I would have laughed my face off. Yes we have gone from water water everywhere to dry dry dry, almost scared to ask for rain because it may not quit but we really could use some.Please forgive me Fuzzy ,I know we have the last of the hay cut and it would be nice to get it up without a rain but the lawn is going brown and things really look nasty.
      Fair season has pretty much come and gone, with allot of the local fairs being cancelled due to too much water, but our one local fair was able to continue on, so I got brave and entered a few things, and did not to bad,sorry no pictures always forget. Was very pleased to be asked to help with the setting up for the judges so learned quite a bit from the judge that my firstborn's mother in law and I were helping. Great to see fellow blogger, Knit wit's entries, which were very beautifully done, keep up the good work!It is very sad that more people do not enter these fairs, as each year entries get fewer, and soon we may not see them anymore. With so many cancelling this year you wonder if they will continue or just not try again as it becomes harder and harder to find volunteers to help put them on .
     Well we finally got haying again this year, took awhile to start as we had trouble finding a way into most of our hay grounds, hard to believe now. It has been very interesting for lack of a better term, Fuzzy  is always interesting to have as a boss, but this haying season it has almost caused me to tell him where he might stick the 14 wheel rake and 2130 John Deere tractor I run for him during haying.I do truly love him, but I think maybe we should not work together that much. We have got most of the first cut up and should finish the rest in the next few days with the cooperation of the weather and no more trips to the hospital or the machinery dealership. No I did not commit spouse abuse he just had a wee accident while attending to a problem with my tractor.This summer my Mom has been with us,she has her own travel trailer parked in the yard, nice to have some place to go when the boss is not pleased, have a game of cards and reminisce about days gone bye, we are so lucky to have her as she is the only parent left, so I share her with the Fuzzy, she loves him as her own.

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  1. I saw you won in a few of the categories. I need to get some advice from you on flower arranging and jelly-making! Well done! It's always fun to enter stuff and see what other people came up with. If I could manage my time better, I'd enter more.
    I'm pretty sure the real idea behind marriage is to have fun together and then get our work done separately. We always end up wanting to kill each other when we have to get something done around here together. He's been home 2 weeks now (back to work tomorrow) and he's driving me bananas!!
    Crossing my fingers for a little rain. The grass could use it, but we don't want a repeat of this past spring!