Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Harvest Time

Yes it is the beginning of harvest! I love the smell ,the excitement,and my little bit of harvesting I do from nature and the garden. The swathers and combines are rolling, to be outside working in the evening and hear the hum of the machines, the smell of the grain, does my heart good. You hope and pray everything will go good, no breakdowns,good yields, and no untimely rain.
     I love the smell of fresh made pickles,relishes, jellies and to see the counter covered in neatly lined up jars ready to go to the basement for the winter.I don't  even mind the sticky floor or the stains on the tea towels from wiping the jars off, I forget just to use a dish cloth. This year so far I have been quite daring and have tried some new recipes woo ho! I made a mean nanking cherry jelly, dilled green beans and mustard bean pickle,so far everyone in the family has approved, so those new recipes won't hit file 13.I have to get to the dilled carrots yet and then find a good hiding place for them as for some reason they go missing very fast and I just find empty jars hmmm. Boo have you been home again, or was your sister here. The chokecherries are ready,not many to be found this year,but I am on the hunt for more, makes the most wonderful jelly and makes not a bad liqueur when mixed with gin, that is chokecherries and gin.The oldest has put in her request for red pepper jelly and has even provided more jars so how can I refuse, nice to be able to do something for her as she tries to help me when she can.I am blessed with two great girls who when they can are the best help you could ask for. Boo has not given me her requests yet, but I think it might be the dilled carrots and mustard cucumber relish.
   So here is to the farmers out in the fields, fruit trees laden with fruit, the coop for having such a good sale on sugar, garden that  is pretty good in spite of the weeds, and the smells of harvest during a full moon.Oops and I almost forgot Mr. clean for the help with the clean up.

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  1. Ha! Yeah--don't forget Mr. Clean! My first year here, we got more tomatoes than we knew what to do with. I'll never forget how sticky the floors were. At least now I know what to expect when we plant 30 tomato plants! I dread this time of year and look forward to it at the same time!
    Happy Harvest!