Sunday, 28 August 2011

Royality and the New Project

O.K I admit it I am a freak about the Royal Family. I have been a royalist since I was nine years old and Her Majesty The Queen,their Royal Highnesses Prince Philip,Prince Charles, and Princess Anne came to my hometown for the provincial centennial celebrations. Wow what  excitement, and I was chosen as one of the two children to present flowers from the town,caused a little excitement at our house, that was the beginning. Since then I have watched the royal weddings and every highlight that has taken place on the television, read most of the newspaper stories,and have a collection of books,china and assorted other things royal.
   This winter was long and hard, but the one thing that kept me going was the knowledge that there was a royal wedding in the spring, along with Colin Firth in a Kings Speech, love that man.I decided to be brave and invite a few around to share my excitement for the young couple and watch the wedding live from the comfort of the family room. I thought champagne,strawberries,p.j.s and hats would be wonderful for our gathering. Then the week before, the idea that fasinators would be the way to go and figured I could just whip them up that day.Wrong the Fuzzy had plans of his own for me, so they were done in a heck of a hurry just before the guests arrived. Thus they were not what I had imagined they would be.The ladies arrived, those who were brave enough to join in the fun or just a little nutty like me and we had a blast. The wedding was beautiful and we managed to stay awake.
    In June our church was taking part in the annual parish picnic, we are an interesting group and like to go with a theme to these affairs, guess what we chose this year,yes it was a tribute to the royal wedding by way of fasinators for the ladies and top hats for the men or replicas of military dress head gear. A dear friend and myself were to look after the ladies, so out they came and I touched them up a bit and she made some also.Well we all arrived at the destination of the picnic and went to the church service quite proud of our efforts.Upon entering the church we seemed to create quite a stir,our beloved vicar was almost beside himself when he saw us,which caused a lot of head turning and strange looks smiles and other reactions. Poor Rev. had trouble all through the service as he was trying not to burst forth in laughter.Our rector's warden who is quite tall was wearing a lovely number with pheasant feathers and cabbage roses,she was a stunner almost as great as Princess Beatrice!Our wonderful Vicar was thinking of William Tell and how he had missed the mark, every time he looked at the warden, he was rolling with laughter, not the effect we were after I'm afraid. It was all worth it as it set the stage for a relaxed fun filled day.(and we won the games championship)
    Each month the church puts in the village paper an article of our comings and goings, our highlights from the parish picnic were published and it was jokingly mentioned about our fasinators and how they would be offered on eBay for sale to raise funds for the church.(all a joke) Now there is a group of young women who all get together at the local lake each summer and have their idea of a traveling tea party with gowns and gloves and this year they decided fasinators. Guess who they called after reading the article? Yes they called me and requested the use of the fasinators, got me back in action as I felt they need some touching up and changing, and I got on a roll and created more, so much fun!
 So here are some of the creations.

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  1. These are amazing. You could sell them!! Next royal wedding, you need to set up a fascinator stand on the side of the highway. You'd make a fortune!