Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Well Thanksgiving weekend has come and gone, what a busy and great time it was. I am thankful for everyone and everything in my life, and so thankful that God the father is there looking over me and his spirit is with me on my walk through this journey of life, so blessed.
     Last week I had the honour and pleasure to teach a couple of friends how to bake buns, so nice to be able to share time with them, we had a lot of laughs and good fun, the buns also turned out well, thanks girls for coming out, we as women need to get together more often and just enjoy each others company. The plan for our next get together is to make pies, won't our husbands think they have died and gone to heaven,lol. Men around here cannot seem to get enough pie, in fact around our house I am accused of only making pies to take out of the house to someone else or for something else, NOT TRUE! Fuzzy gets his share, my brother-in-law calls them eips as he claims he does not know what a pie is, but I know my sister, so this just another male thing. ( got to love them though).
     We also got some of the bulls moved out last week, took to to be sold as we were done with them, Fuzzy was especially delighted to get rid of the old black bull that spends time with one group of the commercial cows,as he and said bull have never ever got along,either I am plain stupid or the bull likes me but I have never had any trouble with him, but a man gets to close and he kinda gets a little bent out of shape and apparently quite nasty, oh well he is gone so no more worries.
     This weekend our youngest came home and it was so much fun to have her,she has a wicked sense of humor and cracks me up, and a very loving young woman. I think she thought that this weekend she spent more time cleaning up after me than doing anything else,but I guess over the years the roles were reversed.
    Saturday was the baby shower for a friend of the family, all babies are special but this one is very special as Mommy and Daddy had almost given up hope for one of their own when they learned that their little sprout was on the way. This little man is a very lucky boy as the love that surrounds him is limitless. Anyway ,crazy me when I found out about the sweet boy's pending arrival decided that I would make him a christening gown as a baby gift, but I could not start it until his arrival or even right after his arrival ,no I had to wait until the week of the baby shower and christening the next day( the mood was just not right) when will I ever learn. I also volunteered to make a cake for the shower, and had a very special cousin coming out for the weekend too.  Oh and also I told the oldest that I would make the buns and 24 hour salad and the pies for Sunday, and the christening was Sunday and our Rev. asked me to do a few things for that, which I am always happy to help anyone at any time, plus Fuzzy was doing a BBQ for a wedding on Saturday and the youngest and I had to help get things done for that.
      Sunday rolled around and I got up at 5 o'clock got the buns going, put the roast in the oven , made the pastry for the pies and a pot of coffee,and went to work on the finishing touches on the gown( had to take it to the shower not quite finished) very embarrassed but now I have learned my lesson and I will be better prepared from now on. Church was at 2o'clock and my wonderful son-in-law was picking me up at 1 o'clock so that I was there to help the rector's warden do up anything that had to be done. I had got 6 doz.buns made (the recipe) 4 pies , christening gown finished and with the youngest's help got the house tidied up before my cousin came, so we would have time for a visit before I left. I remembered that we would need warm water for the baptism, the youngest got the old tractor water jug that Fuzzy uses and filled it up for me as I knew it would keep the water warmer than anything else.( our church is 111 years old and has no running water) The only problem I forgot the silver pitcher to use at the baptismal font, did not realize this until later when the Rev. brought out this awful old jug that has seen better days and set it by the font, how embarrassing, but no one to blame but me. Of course our Rev. has a crazy sense of humour and had to make a comment about our wonderful jug to the congregation, a laugh was had by all. The wonderful little man was baptized and he was so good about it all. Thinking to myself as I looked on what a miracle and wonderful gift from God this child was I shed a tear or two. ( I have a slight problem, you see my tear ducts are to close to my bladder). After coffee and cake in the back of the church Son-in-law and I headed to his and the oldest's place for a great time with family. The oldest and her sister had everything ready and very nice also, Fuzzy and I are blessed with two amazing daughters.

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  1. You've been busy!! Same here--but I'm almost ready to start blogging again.
    Every time I open my door and get a whiff of that great manure smell, I think of you and everyone else I know around here with cows and crops still to deal with. But it makes good blog fodder, so keep 'em coming!