Tuesday, 27 September 2011


   Autumn has arrived in all her splendor ! How beautiful, God gave us such a wonderful setting for our preparation for winter, which can sometimes be so harsh. The mornings are a little cooler, but to see the sunrise amongst the gorgeous color of the trees and the earlier sunset, the last rays of sun twinkling through the leaves is amazing, people over the centuries have tried to capture the beauty of the fall, and some have done it well but you cannot beat the real thing. The Canadian geese and others are flying over in perfect precision and honking their goodbyes with a promise to return in the spring.The squirrels are busy chattering to one another as they gather their stores for the winter ahead, so very busy are they. We are trying to get everything ready ourselves, but also taking time to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us. I have a favorite spot at this time of year, out in one of our west pastures were we have the portable chute system set up for any work that has to be done with that group of cattle. There is a stand of poplars sheltering this area with a pond back behind,with a mixture of different willows to add interest. I never mind having to wait for the rest of the crew out there as it is so tranquill, and the beautiful scent whafting from the poplars,cows or a calf coming over to investigate , maybe even a bird or two singing in the trees, mmm.
     The feedlot cleaner is coming this week, trying to finish cleaning off the vegetable garden and get it worked up,finish working up the new perenial garden so that I can transfer some of the plants this fall yet. The pool is put away  to await next summer, The feed yard is starting to look a little fuller as more bales are brought home from the fields. The summerfallow has been worked up again, new pump houses are being organized to be built before the snow flies. Oh,and a number of other things as long as winter holds off Fuzzy will find more to do,but I guess if I am honest I will too.
    Fall or autumn always makes me crave homemade veg. beef soup with crusty bread or meatloaf and mashed potaoes and turnips.I want to bake and cozy up the place with throws and blankets over the arms of chairs and couches. I am even looking up books that I want to read later when it is dark so early you can't be outside working.Have found some new knitting patterns I want to try too.
    Out here in the country it is also a time for fall suppers put on in every little community around, the months of September and October you can find one every Sunday sometimes more,these are great fundraisers for the different groups,a lot of work but also a lot of fun is had in the kitchens and out as people may not have seen each other for quite awhile and it is a time to catch up.
    This Sunday our church is having our harvest home service, quite beautiful with all the harvest decorations and the service is very meaningful, and as hard as it is to believe thanksgiving will soon be upon us.
  I hope you are all enjoying the beauty that surrounds us, take a minute, look, listen,and smell!


  1. Your autumn photos are fantastic! You've got me inspired to get out there with my camera now. I love this time of year out here too. I've even learned to love the farm smells!

  2. I linked back to you on my blog today. I hope you don't mind--everyone should see these beautiful shots!

  3. Being able to witness the beauty of Fall's transformation in a wide open area is awesome! My favorite time of year :)

  4. This Ozark Farm Chick adores all the colorful foliage in your beautiful pictures. Ya captured fall for sure.

    God bless ya from the happy hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa!!! :o)