Thursday, 15 September 2011

9/11 ,10 Years Have Come And Gone

     To quote Allan Jackson" Where were you when the world stopped turning on that September day".I remember the usual weekday morning routine. The radio was on, getting the youngest off to school planning out our day and getting ready for the oldest to go back to university to finish her last year of her diploma courses. Thinking to myself life is good, very quickly this was to change.It came over the radio that a plane had hit one of the towers of the world trade center,Fuzzy, the oldest and I headed to the living room to check it out on t.v. . I sat there in shock and disbelief as the second plane stuck the second tower, that was it, I knew I would not be accomplishing anything the rest of the day. The oldest and I spent the better part of the day on the couch watching and on my part praying for the people there and their families,I imagine the oldest was doing the same. Things where moving so fast, mixed reports about more planes and how the plane was downed in the field, the Pentagon being hit, where the president was and the one of many thoughts going through my head was thank God we live in Canada. What was I thinking, if it could happen to the Americans it could happen to us. I think we spent more time that week watching TV and listening to the radio than ever before, hoping and praying they would find more survivors, as I imagine many others did also.
           Well ten years have come and gone I have spent the last week remembering that terrible time in history, partly due to the fact that most television channels have been talking about it or had programing about it. How has it changed our lives, how it ended so many lives, and promising futures all changed in such a hideous act. We and our neighbors to the south had been going through life blissfully thinking things like that do not happen here in North America, but it did, and it changed the world in a very big way, some good changes some not so good.We saw our military go to Afghanistan on a peace keeping mission, which in my opinion became war, as we lost so many young people, and some came home physically injured and some with  physiological damaged which in my mind is worse. The border security was beefed up,now you need a passport to cross. Air flight security was tightened. and numerous other security measures were put in place. Has it made a big difference, considering the inconvenience or did we have it to easy before? Were the changes reactive or proactive, could it happen again?  All questions I am not sure of, but the one thing I am sure of I AM PROUD TO BE A CANADIAN. I am happy we live in North America, and I am thankful to all the people who work to keep our country safe.

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  1. I just can't believe it's been ten years--it seems like it happened last week! I was teaching grade 6, and I pulled a TV into my classroom so the kids could watch history unfold. And boy, did it ever change the course of our lives. I never expected to be sending my husband off anywhere dangerous, even though he is in the army!! 2 Afghanistan tours later, I'm so thankful he came back safe, but like you I wonder if the whole thing could happen again, and I'm proud to be Canadian too!