Wednesday, 14 December 2011

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas!

      Well the second week of December has come and gone already, and I still see grass instead of snow.Last year by this time we were shovelling the stuff pretty much everyday, much easier for feeding cattle and getting down the road,but not as pretty.
       So I got some more Christmas decorating done and a bit of baking done but I need to get more done so I had better get the piano that is tied to my butt in that area removed and get with it, as Boo wants shortbread and someone else wants rum balls, mince tarts, and on and on.
       Fuzzy and Thumper went to two production sales this week together, called back they needed the truck and trailer as they both made purchases, but I was to do the chores, Fuzzy would come home for the outfit as it was so very windy they thought I would have trouble getting it up there myself.( what is with them I turn 50 and I'm no longer able to do anything anymore, give me a break) But our Thumper is on cloud 9, she got herself a purebred polled Hereford bred heifer and has big plans for going back showing cattle. She is so excited she lights up like a 150 watt light bulb or brighter, Fuzzy got a young bull for next year.Nice to see them sharing time together, good for both of them.
      Friday the grandchildren came here on the big yellow bus for a sleepover with Granny and Papa, wow they are growing up fast,not my babies anymore. Hi Granny what can we have for a snack,can we play wii, can I have marshmallows in my cocoa, I want to sleep on the blow up bed, Granny can we make something. we did this at school,no, I want the blow up bed,you had the blow up bed the last two times, can we draw straws for it,ahhhh but I want it. As we all know children this all took place in the first ten minutes. Oh, but it feels great to have them come and stay, before long they will be all grown up and won't have time to come to Granny and Papa's place. So we had wii, hot chocolate,with marshmallows,and our little princess got the blow up bed this time. Papa feeling like he wants his time with them suggests that the boys go and help him with chores, this was not meant with a good reaction, ah Papa we are playing wii, and by this time the noise that game makes is starting to get to me so I gave them a gentle shove out the door to help their Papa and give the TV a rest.(PEACE). We played games ,ate lots, laughed, read,and thoroughly enjoyed them. Grandchildren are God's gift to us for being parents!
  Saturday we did our last BBQ for the year, 200lbs, of mainly beef, with 20lbs of pork for good measure. Fuzzy started this some years back and has become quite popular. It was a beautiful warm day, worked outside with just a hoody on, no need for a parka.
Sunday there was no church, so we worked cattle in the afternoon, and had a quiet evening together.
   I have put some pictures up of our little darlings and the one Christmas tree, hope all your preparations for the season are going well and take care!


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  1. Okay, I'm days behind here, but you know it's not because I don't love coming by for a visit! Awesome shots, and it sounds like you guys had a great time, with lots more to come this weekend, I hope. Merry Christmas!!