Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Merry Christmas

  I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas from our home to yours. Come on in and have a visit and a look around at my home for Christmas,  I love Christmas. As you can maybe see no snow to speak of yet. Sure haven't needed much hay so far this year or straw for that matter.
   This my front veranda to the right of the front door is my porch swing, a Christmas present from Fuzzy the year we built the house, he built it for me and kept it hidden until Christmas morning, I was so excited I went out PJ's and parka, tea and had my first swing on it. That was 5 years ago,love it and love the man who built it. On our front door I made a wreath using an old violin, cedar and spruce from the yard,( the violin was beyond repair) some ribbon and a few flowers, called her done.The three trees, were a gift from Boo long ago. So lets go on in and I show you more.Here we are in the front hall, where I have an old buffet that Fuzzy's mom had cut the legs shorter,back when she had it. This the dinning and sitting room ,most of the furniture is other peoples castoffs which I have fixed up and recovered or just gave them some love. Its cosy and full of memories, and I love them for the stories they could tell. The dining table and chairs were Fuzzy's Grandparents, it had been a wedding gift to them from Fuzzy's great grandfather,

Front Hall fresh greens cut from the yard
Nativity that Mom made many years ago

This is my Christmas village mostly given to me by the girls and mom
Family room tree,the old wooden train my dad made before I was born as I was to be a boy,fooled them!I ran out of time and did not get the popcorn on the tree,next year.
Quite often covered with a craft project.

Well I started this before Christmas but due to enjoying having my family and chores, cooking,last minute shopping, wrapping,cleaning, and Christmas fun it is now the 27th  and I am just getting it done. Forgot to mention that we had our usual boxing day cattle day too. In the morning we ran about 90 cows through and scour guarded and gave them their vitamin shots plus ivomac, was such a beautiful morning to do cattle hard to believe it was December 26.We still have 20 or so left to do but they are at home so can be done a lot easier. Boo and her boyfriend left today and I went and had grandchildren time while their Momma and Dad when to a wedding was so good to be with them, seeing their Auntie left, not as lonely.
    Hope to have a picture up soon of what my wonderful husband gave me for Christmas, I am such a lucky woman.
    I keep trying to get the pictures in order ,but it just isn't working  so I finally deleted some and left it as it is, someday I will figure it out. Oh, and by the way Happy New Year!

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