Sunday, 29 January 2012

January Where Did You Go!

I am back,been spending my free time making fascinators,knitting,going to 4-H pony club with my very special princess at her royal request, she wanted her Granny.I thought that was kinda cool gave me the warm fuzzies. Grandchildren are the greatest!!!
      Fellow Blogger and super neighbour of our oldest,Knit wit, has been telling me that I need to share these crazy fascinators that I have been making with you, I am not sure if she feels everybody needs a good laugh or what but I guess I shall honour her request or her suggestion. The local village pool committee were hosting a ladies evening, the theme was the British Invasion,soooooo that got me going again making the silly things as some of the girls from church decided to go as a group. I got started and it was like a bad rash the ideas did not quit they kept spreading and spreading. You know you have it bad when you wake up at 2:00 a.m. and have a new idea, I could not finish one before I'd get another idea. Fuzzy was getting a little frustrated with me and trust me when I say I cannot blame him,the things were taking over, and we did not need that many,so to cover the fact I couldn't stop myself, I decided to call the pool girls told them what I was doing and offered to them to rent and I would split the proceeds with them to cover my cost. They took pity on me and said yes, thank the Lord.
    So here they are or at least some of them.  So much fun!
Maybe I will show you more later, if you like.Now I must find my laundry room as it has not had the kindest of treatment this week or last.

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  1. They didn't rent them out of pity. They knew a great opportunity when they saw one! Your fascinators are amazing. We need to get together and summon up some as much business savvy as we can so we can start a crafting business! You'll be a millionaire before you know it!