Wednesday, 1 February 2012

      Wow its melting, beautiful night out just came in from  the porch swing and a cup of tea,amazing weather.
       Tomorrow we are bringing the main cow herd home from the other yard,it is a month later than last year as the weather has be so kind to the cows and the feed. We keep the main herd over there as a form of manure management,and bring them home now to get them ready for calving,which will start the beginning of March. Last year bringing them home was a piece of cake,as all four miles of road we bring them down had snowbanks  on either side of the road, now these girls are usually looking for a short cut but no one even tried,kinda took the fun out of it but it was a smooth trip all the way.This year it may be a different story, barely any snow, you just know somebody is going to make a brake for it. The weather man is calling for a good day so it will be great no matter what the girls try.
    Thumper and her husband have calved out about twenty girls and have had three sets of twins. The grandchildren are having fun naming all of them, the boys get to name the bull calves and our princess names the heifer calves, by the time Momma and Daddy are done I imagine they will have run out of names.Thumper and Hubby are just getting started.
   This weekend is the Lieutenant Governor's Winter Fest, in the big city, and we are planning on going,yeah! There are pavilions all over town from the different countries,Fuzzy has been telling everyone he is taking me on a trip around the world in two days for our winter holiday! Last year we did the British Isles and this year we will try for many more, but I really have to go back to Scotland and Ireland had a blast last year!
     I said I would share more of my fascinators so I'll put some more up now, after Sunday I can store them away, we are having a special service in honour of the Queen accession to the throne which took place sixty years ago on Monday. The official celebrations do not take place until June but the Vicar wants to have the service now on the anniversary of the death of King George The VI and the accession to the throne of his daughter. We will wear our head wear to church that day, Her Majesty won't be there so we can wear fascinators, apparently you are not to wear fascinators in the Queen's presence any longer.
   So here we go, on with the show!Oh and please let me know what you think!

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  1. Hi Granny Bob, Which country are you from. I have a daughter who lives in Scotland.

    Are you raising beef cattle? We have a herd of dairy cows and they calve year round. They stay in the barn and we only move them from pastures to pastures in the spring, summer and fall. In the winter they stay inside except on some really nice days when they are allowed to venture in the back for a change.

    I love your hats, fascinators. I never heard them called this before. Have a great weekend and thank for visiting my blog. JB