Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Lego Birthday Cake

       Hello again, yesterday I was telling you about our little man's birthday cake. Well because I had neglected to have my phone charged I could not show you the pictures of the cake and our little man at his party with his dudes last Friday. I am a proud Momma and Granny so I have to share with everybody.Last Thursday night Thumper asked if I wanted to come and play, and of course I did, I got to help put Lego man together,and she finished him Friday morning with the fondant. Oh how I like to play with my girls.
     Mr. Lego man started of with a rice treat body supported with wooded skewers and toothpicks. Thumper let him sit over night and then covered him with fondant. Her Lego blocks were made from cake and marshmallows. The t-shirts you see in the foreground were a project that Thumper thought the boys would enjoy doing.Oh yeah took them all of five minutes and then they were on the run again.There are times when I wished God had blessed us with sons and then there are times, like birthday parties for six year old boys, I am glad and thankful he did not. They are cute and wonderful but I am not up to the noise anymore.  I do love little boys! I just like little girl parties better!


  1. oh how cute and VERY clever!! he must have LOVED it! Merci for stopping by and saying hello! Nice to meet you! :)

  2. Now that's one cute cake!!! I bet little birthday man was pleased as punch!

    I have one boy but I have to tell ya, those little girls and outshrill any fella around when it comes to noise.'

    'Just sayin'...

    God bless ya sweetie and have a fantastic weekend!!!

  3. You guys are amazing. That is one great cake!!
    I'm with you--girl parties are much more civilized!

  4. Hi Granny Bob, I'm on the same wave length as Nezzy when it come to girls parties. They can be very noisy too.
    The Lego cake is quite an idea. I can see that your grandson was very happy on his birthday. Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting my blog. JB