Sunday, 8 May 2011

Addition to Mother's Day

This was my first blog, and as always happens when I chose to start something everything seems to happen to distract me, so I must apologize to our early years educators. My mother and sister are among these wonderful people, my mother is retired now, but I remember her trying to come up with projects for her students to create for mother's day,she really did try very hard to make them interesting, as I am sure all our teachers have.So moms please also remember what your child's teacher is going through when these creations are being made, we are lucky to have these people in our lives and our children's lives. I also forgot to tell about my second child's wonderful mother's day gift made at school, I am not sure if it was the first but I still have it,it was a laminated day calender. Hopefully this will come easier, thought it was such an interesting thing to do, now I am not sure I have much that is that interesting to say, but I am having fun learning something new.

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  1. No need to apologize to educators. Teaching is two parts creativity and one part keeping the little monsters busy and out of trouble!
    The blog looks great! I've bookmarked it and added myself as a follower. Keep 'em coming!