Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Water Mud Manure ,Got To Love It!

Enough already!
     O.K. I know that there are a lot of people dealing with a whole lot more and a whole lot worse,but I have had about all my pretty pink muck boots can handle.I am a person who likes to be outside working in my yard or helping with the cattle. By this time most years you would find me out playing (Fuzzy's description of gardening and landscaping) in my yard from sun up to sundown if I have my way and most times Fuzzy does not mess with me and my projects as he is afraid he may be called into the action, nothing makes him disappear faster than me and the garden tools. I have also been known to have borrowed the tractor I had the run in with so many years ago(mentioned in my last blog),I since have become quite fond of the old girl.and have learned how to compensate for the lack of leg.
       This year I look out my window across to the park area where my water garden is, the play area for the grandchildren and what do I see water,water,water.Every winter I gaze out the window doing dishes planning the next addition to this area or the changes to be made,these plans are put on hold, and maybe for the entire season as every little rain it gets worse, the grand kids cannot even get to the swing,the sand box looks like a beach, maybe I can forgo the play area and permanently make the pond area bigger with a beach,no that would not do, kids need somewhere to play.
    At the south side of the house I have been working on creating a dry river bed,well it has not been very dry this year, when I started this project people asked me where the water was and how I was going to move the water, what part of dry bed did they not get, they should stop by this year!
       Then there is trying to feed cattle, good lord I am scared I'm going to come out of the pens in my sock feet yet(have given up on white socks)as every step you take you are sucked in the mud almost like quicksand, those pretty pink boots are not so pretty anymore. The poor cattle we have moved their feeders to make it easier for them but it is worse for us. The cows and calves are the lucky ones as they are out on the hills. I pray for sun and a little wind and warm temps so things will dry up.
    We are some of the lucky ones, there are people who are in danger of losing everything they have due to the flooding, running out of feed and dry land for their animals, there are people who may not get a crop in this year. So I am feeling a little ashamed of myself for being upset for what we are dealing with, my mother has always said be thankful for what you have there are a lot who don't. So I will stick a smile on my face and thank the Lord for his blessings.
    Oh, by the way if you are wondering who the heck Fuzzy is, he is my husband in earlier posts referred to as the boss as he did not want to be known in this blog as the Fuzzy but has since changed his mind.And they talk about woman!

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  1. I hear you! I know I'm lucky to be in such a dry spot. But I'm ready for some warm, sunny DRY weather now! I'm feeling really stressed out for all the people out there at risk of losing their homes.