Thursday, 12 May 2011

Lets Remember To Thank Our Military Families

     Have you ever thought to say thank you to a military family for their sacrifice? You ask why should I, they chose that life,and knew what they were getting into. O.K. yes they may have thought they knew what they were in for, but thinking you know and living the life is quite different.Let us face it we all go into situations thinking we are prepared and know what is ahead of us,but sometimes learn we were not as prepared as we thought.
     Can you imagine having a quiet day at home with your spouse, enjoying each other and your children and the phone rings and that peaceful lovely day is finished with a blink of an eye.Thirty minutes later you are by yourself with your children and are not sure when you will be seeing your partner again, will they be there for the ball game, concert,martial arts demo that your child is participating in a week later, or will they be home for supper the next night. These people have to be strong ,but flexible spouses or they could not manage as well as they do.
    They have to be adaptable in most situations, how many of us would be prepared to move whenever someone else told us to, leave your friends, family,and everything familiar and start fresh in some strange place,different houses, new schools, doctors,stores, your whole world turned upside down,sound like fun, I don't think so.
      It is not just war time or when our country is in a state of emergency that life for a military family is turned upside down or is changed the men and women of or military are regularly sent on course, or maneuvers.The family changes pace sets new programing to suit them, then the soldier returns who has been living a different life, the two collide and it must take time for everyone to reajust,I myself would find this rather frustrating but is part of their lives. How would you deal with it?
   Can you imagine saying good bye to your spouse or parent and that might be the last time you see them,or having them come home but not being the person  you kissed goodbye and saw last?
    I have only stood on the outside and observed a little of their lives I don't pretend to understand or know all they go through, but lets try to make sure they know we appreciate their sacrifice.
    God Bless Our Military and Their Families!
    Take sometime and be thankful for our many blessings and lend a hand to those who could use one.
 Remember to say thanks and show that you care!

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  1. Well said! Military life has its perks too, but at times like this, I wish I was married to a used car salesman!!