Sunday, 8 May 2011

Mother's Day

Well here we are it is Mother's day once again. This my twenty ninth one as a mom, and my forty ninth as a daughter,as I look back it amazes me how much things change and yet stay the same. School age children still come home very proud of the art projects they have created with the assistance of a teacher or a teachers aid for their moms. Sometimes moms are a little horrified,sometimes truly amazed by the talent the child has shown,but always only show the love and acceptance that a mother can. The first mother's day project I can remember making was a card with a pink tissue paper carnation on it, remember folding tissue flowers, well if you don't it was quite a long drawn out affair that I think the teacher decided on so we were kept busy for a long time. The first I received as a mom was a poem much easier to store for posterity, now I watch my oldest receiving these wonderful treasures and chuckle to myself as she is wondering what to do with these gifts made with love from her children, I did not suggest file thirteen kept that one to myself, she will figure it out in about ten years if not before. With this train of thought then I got to my mom and wondered what became of that card, or the macaroni covered jar painted with gold spray paint., that one of the elementary teachers became  quite famous for or should I say infamous for, each class she had, made them and I forgot to mention the wonderful plastic flowers that went with them, poor woman did not have a clue but she tried. As mothers and grannies we must always remember that as tacky,poorly done, or truly amazing homemade gifts we are given it is done with love,and the special memories they bring later are so very special it is all worth it. Who but your mom can make the world seem a whole lot better with just one hug and even better yet with a kiss.To all  the moms out there we love you and honour you today. I love you mom.

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