Tuesday, 10 May 2011


This for my oldest, who suggested it. Fencing is part of life on a cattle operation, every year about this time all the fences must be checked and repaired before the cows,calves,and bulls are put out for the summer. During the summer they are regularly checked, or should be sometimes this overlooked which does not usually have good results. So now I will give you my fencing history which also goes along with my marital history,I'll try and keep it short as it is quite a long history.
          Thirty years ago as a young girlfriend of The Boss,I was visiting and was asked if I could help repair a bit of fence,no problem,wanted to prove how valuable I could be,first mistake,second was being down wind of a tobacco chewing cattleman who spit regularly. I think you get the picture. Coming from Gods country did not know what wood ticks are,what an introduction, part of fencing I have come to expect. You spend all day out walking fence lines and then come in tired dirty and covered in the little suckers,gross. The next process of the day is to spend the next 20 min. or more looking like primates picking wood ticks of each other.So very romantic!
     The next year I was a young bride, apparently not any more intelligent when fencing time rolled around, well maybe a little as I tried to stay up wind. This year we were putting in posts and it was decided that I should run the tractor,the boss won the award for the brains this time as I was not familiar with said tractor, my legs are short and tractor seats do not move ahead,get the picture. Beautiful spring day and off we go to work, with in 10 min. I am off the tractor and running home as fast as my legs would go. Darn near killed him with the post pounnder when my foot slipped of the clutch as he had just let the boom down, miss his head by inches. I was not ready to be a widow yet. Needless to say it was a long time before I tried that again.
      The next couple of years I was a baby machine so I had to miss out on the wonderful world of fencing. As our girls grew they have participated in this adventure,pretty much every year till they got smart enough to not be around as this is also a time to learn new interesting language that would make some people blush.
      The good part of fencing is that it is time together and the world is fresh and new with wild flowers, tadpoles,birds and butterflies, that most times you can even overlook the foul language,cuts,burs,wood tics and the occasional booter( bootful of water),sun burn because you were in a rush and forgot the sunsceen.
    Best of all, it means the cows are out of the yard and will be enjoying wonderful green grass,growing healthy happy babies and we get a reason for Sunday( romantic) drives.


  1. Just catching up here--sometimes it takes me a few days! Maybe you can give me some advice on what the heck to do to keep my goofy dogs penned in out back!

  2. A couple of your posts are missing! It looks like a few people are having the same trouble today. Hope Blogger gets it sorted out soon. Can't wait to see the next post!